Comedian Lee Hurst tried to make a dig at young people getting the vaccine and it backfired spectacularly
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Lee Hurst has once again proven that he is the Lee worst by comparing young people in the war to young people now getting coronavirus vaccines.

Posting on Twitter, the comedian revealed his meticulous understanding of dates by noting that people in 1940 fought the Nazis and in 2021, they got the Covid jab.


While the point Hurst is trying to make is opaque, it seems as if he is buying into the classic right-wing war obsessive trope of claiming older generations were made of stronger stuff and young people today with the are ‘snowflakes’.

For his part, by the way, Hurst was born in 1963 and so lived through precisely no wars on British land or pandemics during his 20s.

And people were quick to put the ‘comedian’ in his place in response to his amazing banter:

Hurst was banned from Twitter temporarily in March this year after he made an inappropriate ‘joke’ about Greta Thunberg.

At the time he told the press he had “no regrets” about the joke and claimed “it got laughs”, though we didn’t hear any...

And in 2019, he compared Britain and the number of immigrants it homes as being akin to a too-full Glastonbury festival.

We know. It made no sense then and it makes no sense now.

We are sure Hurst’s agents will now be inundated with phone calls booking him for gigs. Or not.

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