These photos perfectly capture how ridiculous it is to say LGBT+ inclusion is ‘sexualising children’

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The topic of LGBT+ inclusion in schools has been in the news lately.

This came after parents in Birmingham objected to classes which educated their children about the existence of LGBT+ people.

The lessons as Parkfield school and several others, which taught children about the importance of diversity in relation to sexual orientation, faith, gender identity and racial background, were momentarily stopped, but then re-started again.

Interventions from Labour MP Shabana Mahmood, who appeared to support the right of Muslim parents to object to the lessons, but also Tory MP Andrea Leadsom, who also suggested it is for parents to decide when their children are “exposed” to LGBT+ issues, made matters worse.

Thankfully, though, the following week compulsory LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education was passed by a majority of 538 to 21 in the House of Commons.

Though this hasn’t made the issue go away. The BBC got into hot water after inferring LGBT+ issues are “moral” issues on Question Time.

But a viral tweet is displaying just how silly it is to suggest teaching children about LGBT+ issues is “sexualising” them.

People were rightly creeped out by the t-shirts. Many sent messages of support to LGBT+ people after noticing the clear double standard.

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