The map of Europe's LGBT population


A survey of European countries has revealed that Germany is home to the most LGBT persons on the continent.

Quantifying the number of LGBT persons is difficult, given that most national surveys and censuses do not ask about sexual orientation.

Because the government having detailed records of where all the homosexuals are located has never caused problems...

The data compiled by Statista showed the UK was just behind Spain in terms of the number of LGBT persons.


The research was conducted by Dalia, who found that 5.9 per cent of Europeans identified as LGBT.

Participants in the surevey were asked two questions:

1) "Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?"  [Yes / No / Prefer not to say]

2) "Which of the following options best describes your current sexual orientation?" *  [Only heterosexual / Mostly heterosexual, sometimes homosexual / Equally heterosexual and homosexual / Mostly homosexual, sometimes heterosexual / Only homosexual / Asexual / Prefer not to say]

According to Dalia the categories were loosely based on the Kinsey scale. When asked the first (binary) question, 5.9 per cent identified as LGBT. However, almost 10 per cent of respondents to the second question identified as a category that was not heterosexual.

Fewer Hungarians identified as LGBT than any other European country.

As well as ranking the quanities of identifying LGBT persons, the survey had some other interesting findings.

They found that more women in Europe were willing to identify as Lesbian, than men were to identify as Gay, and that millenials were the least hetereosexual.

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