All the countries still living under anti-gay laws made by the British


These are all the countries with anti-gay laws that have been kept on from the era of colonial rule by the British.

According to PinkNews, 40 out of 53 commonwealth countries still have laws which discriminate against homosexuals, which were created during British rule.

The penal code is responsible for many anti-gay laws. In some cases, these are not just laws 'accidentally' left on the statute books. In 2013 the Indian government reinstated their anti-gay laws, after it had been repealed.

According to the Kaleidoscope Trust, 40 per cent of the world has anti-gay laws, of those, 54 per cent are commonwealth countries.

Of nations outside of the commonwealth, 25.4 per cent are anti-gay.

Gambia, the Maldives, and Zimbabwe have all withdrawn from the Commonwealth but maintain anti-gay laws from British rule.

In Dominica and Malawi the laws exist but they are not enforced.

The form of words used in most penal codes is to refer to an 'unnatural offence', which is defined as: "carnal knowledge against the order of nature".

In many cases due to the arcane nature of the penal code, lesbianism is not even referred to, but in some cases the legislation has been updated to discriminate against lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

In some instances since the creation of the Commonwealth, the British have been influential in decriminalisation. For instance, the pledge by the Seychelles to remove its anti-gay legislation in 2015 specfically cited advocacy from British diplomats as a reason for doing so.

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