Lib Dem MEP applauded in EU parliament after criticising Ann Widdecombe's 'slavery' speech

Lib Dem MEP applauded in EU parliament after criticising Ann Widdecombe's 'slavery' speech

Yesterday, Brexit Party MEP, Ann Widdecombe became the talk of the internet after giving a controversial speech at the European Parliament.

The Brexiteer compared Britain leave the European Union to 'slaves rising up against their owners' which prompted anger, outrage and widespread criticism of the 71-year-old for using such language.

The clip went viral and Widdecombe's name was soon trending on Twitter yet you might not have seen what came next.

Newly elected Liberal Democrat MEP Martin Horwood retaliated against Widdecombe and the Brexit Party's stunt against the EU anthem by giving a passionate speech to outgoing president Donald Tusk.

As one of the large new group of British members of the European parliament, both Liberal Democrats and Green and other parties, who do not want to turn our backs on Europe, can I tell you Mr President that what you heard from that corner does not represent the views of everyone in the United Kingdom?

Can I thank you president Tusk for your patience with our government and national parliament and to ask you to ask your successor to continue that policy of time and patience and understanding, even when it appears our government has no plan? Mr Bean or Monty Python might have done it better.

But Brexit is not inevitable, opinion is shifting in the UK, otherwise we would not be here. Those of us who support Europe also needs Europe's support.

Horwood's invigorating words and display of defiance against the Brexit Party (who can be seen heckling him) won a round of applause in the parliament and has been widely praised on Twitter.

After giving the speech Horwood took to Twitter thanking Tusk for having patience with the UK government and pleaded with his successor to continue a similar line of tolerance.

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