Tim Farron forgot something very important here

Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

The Liberal Democrats joined the Conservatives in coalition for five years, beginning in 2010, and reneged on their promise to abolish tuition fees.

This fact hasn’t stopped leader Tim Farron accusing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being too cosy with the Conservatives

His accusation followed reports on Monday that Corbyn would say Britain can be better off outside the EU and that Labour is not against ending free movement of workers in the EU.

Farron tweeted:

Jeremy Corbyn has ceased to be Leader of the Opposition to become cheerleader in chief for the Conservative Brexit government

Farron was made Liberal Democrat leader after this and has a right to set a new agenda and tone for his party.

However, the British Public also have a memory and he might not want to gloss over his party's history as if it didn't happen.

2015 wasn't that long ago.

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