This Lidl employee was sacked for 'working too hard'

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Monday 30 October 2017 08:30
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We all know that one person who absolutely loves work, but a Lidl employee was so dedicated it basically got him fired.

A Lidl manager is suing, after the supermarket chain sacked him for allegedly 'working too hard'.

'Jean P' would normally arrive at this branch in Barcelona by 5am every day.

Lidl/Little did he know that his boundless enthusiasm for shelf-stacking and other duties would be his downfall.

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He was dismissed by bosses citing a breach in Lidl's rules banning unpaid overtime.

His dismissal letter accused him of 'very serious laboural unfulfillment'.

From starting work up to an hour early, to regularly being in the branch alone, bosses said these were massive breaches of company rules.

Jean had supposedly broken a regulation banning unpaid overtime that states: every minute worked is paid, and every minute that is worked should be clocked in’.

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An employment court heard recently that Lidl freely admitted they never instructed Jean, a 12-year-veteran of the shop, not to come in early.

Lawyer Juan Guerra stated that Lidl only benefited from any breach of the rules, noting:

He is sanctioned for working too much – something that is unusual – and also for making an effort to get the shop running properly.

The lawyer claimed his client only worked longer hours because he was under pressure to meet sales and performance targets in a restructuring programme.

The heads of the supermarket knew this and were aware that these changes required time and dedication.

The case continues.

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