Like Nick Clegg, we're sceptical that this is a nine-year-old child

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Thursday 04 September 2014 13:10

This morning a nine-year-old schoolboy who sounded suspiciously eloquent and suspiciously like an adult woman imitating a child called Nick Clegg during his weekly show on LBC to challenge the deputy prime minister about his policy for universal free school meals.

We are seriously dubious that Rohan (who you can hear in the above video) is really a nine-year-old calling from their south London school, mostly because it is very rare to hear a child using the phrase "percentage point increases." And we're not the only ones: Clegg himself sounded sceptical, asking Rohan what school "he" went to and where "he" was calling from.

"You really should go into politics, you're one of the most articulate nine-year-olds I've ever come across", he said.

That Nick Clegg side-eye in full:

As Nick Ferrari said after Rohan hung up, "Ed Miliband does those voices well, doesn't he?".

There is only one group of children we know of who are this eloquent.

A spokesperson for LBC told i100 not to be so cynical, saying: "The LBC production team spoke to the boy and his mum, and we were confident the caller was genuine.”

The Lib Dems refused to comment.

H/T Guido Fawkes.

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