Lil Nas X responds after 50 Cent made 'homophobic' comments about his Halloween costume

Even in a pandemic, celebrities can still be counted on to pull incredible Halloween looks out of the bag.

Like Lil Nas X, who faithfully recreated an iconic Nicki Minaj look from her 2010 hit, Super Bass.

He even included an icy motorbike.

And fans loved the costume (especially as Nasโ€™ rise to fame included rumours that he ran a Nicki Minaj stan account on Twitter).

They said Nas โ€˜wonโ€™ Halloween.

It went down very well.

Except with fellow rapper 50 Cent.

Posting on Twitter, 50 Cent appeared to mock Nasโ€™ costume, telling Minaj to โ€˜come get himโ€™.

He didnโ€™t stop there though โ€“ Fiddy also uploaded a now-deleted post on Instagram where he compared Lil Nas X to the rumoured ex-girlfriend of musician Young Buck.

In 2019, Lil Nas X came out as gay โ€“ and fans quickly accused 50 Cent of engaging in homophobic and transphobic trolling.

People wondered why he was putting so much effort in to commenting on the costume.

Then Lil Nas X himself got involved, although he later deleted the message.

โ€œWhy u in barb business?โ€ the 21 year-old wrote ('Barbs' being the name given to Nicki Minaj stans).

He later seemed to reference the comments, tweeting โ€œbro i donโ€™t bother a soul in this industry. all i do is tweet and make bangers. leave me alone damnโ€.

Let people enjoy things.

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