Lindsey Graham gets ‘future senator’ Lara Trump’s name wrong while endorsing her for senate
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A Republican senator has backed Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law as a candidate for North Carolina senator in the aftermath of the impeachment trial.

Lara Trump is married to the former president’s son Eric, and worked in television production before joining Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Speaking to Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham claimed she was the “biggest winner” of the impeachment trial, although struggled to get her name right, referring to her as “Laura”.

He continued: “My dear friend Richard Burr, who I like and I’ve been friends to a long time, just made Laura Trump almost a certain nominee for the senate seat in North Carolina.

“Certainly I would be behind her because she represents the future of the Republican Party.”

Current senator Richard Burr – who was one of the seven Republicans who voted to convict in the impeachment trial – will retire from his seat at the end of his term in 2022.

Graham’s endorsement of Trump was met by some ridicule, with viewers questioning her credentials in the role, having never held elective office nor living in the state of North Carolina.

Many questioned the state of the Republican Party if Trump was indeed the future of the party as Sen. Graham had suggested, while insisting the state of North Carolina deserved better.

Neither Graham nor Trump have addressed the name mishap yet.

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