Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards was unwittingly photobombed in latest Instagram snap

Eagle-eyed fans of Perrie Edwards have noticed someone lurking in the background of her latest Instagram snap.

The Little Mix star shared a series of two photos in which she appears clad in an all-white outfit, posing on a carpeted stairway.

She captioned the photo: “Me: no shoes inside the house Also me...”

In a separate comment she added: “Dw [don’t worry] didn’t get any mud on the carpet.”

However, unbenknownst to Edwards, a female cleaner can be seen holding a hoover and watching from the floor above in the second of the twin pics.

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The unintented photobomber, who remains nameless, has since garnered an online fanbase of her own.

“Your cleaner at the top of the stairs will be relieved,” wrote one Twitter user.

On Instagram, another fan commented: “There’s someone who photobombed you!”

Edwards is yet to comment publicly on the Little Mix-hap...

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