On Sunday, Christian Bale won a Golden Globe for his performance of former US vice president Dick Cheney in the biopic Vice.

In his speech, the 44-year-old British actor drew controversy after he jokingly thanked "Satan for giving me the inspiration to play this role".

American conservatives soon started to criticise Bale for the comments - but it was Cheney's own daughter who came back with the most extreme reaction.

Liz Cheney, who is an elected US representative for the state of Wyoming, shared an Independentarticle from 2008 about Bale being arrested for an alleged assault on his mother and sister, adding that "Satan probably inspired him to do this too".

Bale denied any claims of assault against him and the British police eventually dropped the charges against the actor, who was promoting The Dark Knight at the time, citing "insufficient evidence".

Unfortunately for Cheney, her attempt to hit back at Bale backfired as people began to point out her father's role in the Iraq war.

Others chose to add that during her 2014 run for Senate, she opposed same-sex marriage, something which put her at odds with her gay sister, Mary Cheney.

Let's not overlook the fact that she should have probably done a bit more research before she shared the article.

Elsewhere, it appears that Bale's speech has gone down rather well with some, especially The Church of Satan.

HT Daily Dot

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