Since she was made secretary of state for International Trade in July, Liz Truss has had more than her fair share of blunders.

Now, a bizarre photo posted to Liz Truss’s Twitter has gone viral as users were quick to point out that it has literally everything wrong with it.

The trade secretary posted a photo of herself on the phone with the caption

First call today with Japan's Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry @SekoHiroshige. The future of the 🇬🇧-🇯🇵 partnership is bright and we will move quickly to negotiate a UK- Japan FTA. #ReadyToTrade

All well and good – until you squint and look a little closer. With over 4.5k replies, the photo is gaining traction for all the right reasons.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users pointed out that the phone is upside down and Truss is sitting next to a framed photo of herself and the Dulux dog.

Looking a little further, you can see that the skirting boards are bizarrely high, her folder seems to be full of blank pages, and the coffee machine doesn’t seem to have ever been used.

Well...just see for yourself.

It should be said that Truss is not holding the phone upside down in the original picture so this is clearly a spot of clever photo manipulation but still, it's quite funny.

HT The Poke

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