People think this anti-lockdown protester is a fake nurse after taking one look at her badge

Anti-lockdown protesters have already raised eyebrows with their belligerent behaviour towards healthcare workers.

In several states, counter protests by healthcare professionals, against those trying to get stay-at-home orders lifted, have been greeted by insults and anger from anti-lockdown demonstrators.

Now a photo of an anti-lockdown protester dressed as a nurse has prompted outrage after savvy social media users spotted several clues that the woman might have been pretending to be a healthcare worker.

Carrying a sign that reads “Nurses 4 Opening”, the woman pictured is wearing blue scrubs and a ‘RN’ badge, which stands for ‘Registered Nurse’.

However, a Twitter user immediately spotted the badge appeared to be handwritten. “The hand written RN badge really completes the look,” they wrote.

Other internet sleuths quickly chimed in with their own observations that suggested the ‘nurse’ wasn’t all she seemed.

That top is brand new and still has the folds from where is sat [on] the shelf,” replied one eagle-eyed person.

Another pointed out the woman’s suspiciously flat drawstrings.

Her “pristine shoes” also served as a major clue.

Safe to say, the idea of someone masquerading as a nurse in order to lobby for lifting measures that are protecting people from catching a deadly virus, was not received well by the majority of people.

Some called the unidentified woman “evil”.

Others questioned if her alleged actions were actually illegal.

There were even comparisons drawn with “stolen valor”, the act of lying about military service.

Basically, if she really isn't a nurse, it was a major own goal.

As of yet, the state in which the woman was protesting hasn’t been identified but some have guessed it could be Arizona.

Kelli Ward, the chair of Arizona’s Republican Party recently encouraged anti-lockdown protestors to dress up as healthcare workers.

When asked to elaborate on the reasoning behind this strategy, Ward replied:

Takes away the Leftist narrative that a few 'brave, overworked healthcare workers' happened to show up ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, wearing the same outfits & postures, on the same day SPONTANEOUSLY. If everyone wears scrubs - no Leftist narrative. That’s why they’re so mad!

Maybe they’re "mad" because lockdown protestors are busy ignoring the frontline workers battling the virus by not staying at home?

Just a thought!

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