London architects have designed a skyscraper that doesn't cast a shadow

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Saturday 14 March 2015 18:50
Picture: NBBJ/Vimeo

Architects have designed a pair a buildings that will work together to not cast a shadow.

With a proliferation of new skyscrapers in recent years and plans for 230 more to be built in the near future, the problem of shade invading public space is a growing one for the capital.

To combat this problem, architects NBBJ used a computer modelling program to design two buildings that work together to refract and disperse light from the sun. They've called the project 'No Shadow'.

The buildings are designed in such a way that as one creates shade, the other - effectively a gigantic, curved mirror - reflects the light downwards into its shadow. Although not in the kind of aggressive, focused way of London's "Walkie Scorchie".

(Gif: NBBJ/Vimeo)

The relationship between the sun and shadow is the relationship between the two buildings.

  • Christian Coop, NBBJ’s design director

The team has placed the initial design proposal in Greenwich, near the O2 Arena, right on the prime meridian, but Coop tells Wired the computer program could be altered to create a similar pair of buildings anywhere else in the world. This type of design could therefore inspire planners in other dense urban areas like Manhattan or Hong Kong.

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