Man filmed acting like a monkey in racist London train incident

Mohammed Dirir grab

A video which shows a young white man climbing the seats of an underground train and making monkey noises at a black passenger in London is making rounds online.

A 27-year-old man called Mohammed Dirir filmed being racially abused on Friday night on the Northern Line just before the train pulled into Kennington station.

Dirir, who had been recording the horrific incident, askedthe man to repeat the monkey gestures ‘for the ‘gram,’ so he could capture it on video.

It was this point the manbroke away from a group of friends and swung from the pole before he jumped on the seats and came at Dirir as he made monkey noises.

Other commuters expressed disgust with the man, who remained unapologetic and spent the time laughing and making jokes.

Dirir moved to London eight years ago from the Netherlands to open his own start-up business, told the Mail Online the racist attackbegan without any provocation.

 I saw a group of white men getting on and they saw me. One started doing these monkey noises and these monkey movements.

I tried to ignore it as much as possible but one of the guys gave me a thumbs up and then I realised he wanted me to know I was being targeted.

'So I asked him, ''are you good mate?''. Then he said to his friend that I was dumb and I didn't get it.'

'Fast forward, I tried to get some video footage and as you saw, [he was] really racist. I could've fought them but then again, everybody would say I was just responding to hate with hate and adding more fuel to the fire.

I was raised to show love rather than hate and I had to set an example. You saw what happened.

He posted the video on Instagram, where it went viral.

A friend of the victim called Omar shared the video on Twitter: 'Six white racist individuals started to make monkey noises on the train to my friend because he is black, one of the individuals then starts to swing around and coming up close.'

They need to be identified and punished, being drunk is NOT an excuse.

It received almost 10,000 retweets as people were shocked by what they saw.

Others were appalled by the unnamed man's confidence to leap at Mohammed.

Tube driver Daniel Rees encouraged Mohammed to pull the passenger alarm.

And this grandma said it all.

British Transport Police responded to the tweet and asked Omar to get Mohammed to contact their officers, and Transport For London said it was "definitely a crime."

If anyone saw what happened or has any information, contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 711 of 09/03/19.

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