Outrage as Louis Vuitton creative director donates just $50 to bail fund for arrested protesters

Virgil Abloh, the artistic director at Louis Vuitton menswear, has come under fire after a screenshot was posted on his Instagram stories of his contribution to the police brutality protests happening across America.

According to the widely circulated image, Abloh donated $50 to a fund which helps cover the bail costs for people arrested during the protests.

It appears to be part of a trend to "match" donations by others, who then tag people on social media as a way to encourage them to donate.

However, many have pointed out that it's a pretty measly sum on money, when you consider that the designer is reportedly worth millions.

People were not impressed.

Abloh is also the CEO of fashion label Off-White, and people were quick to make comparisons to the cost of the items they sell.

Others suggested the signs were there all along...

Namely given the fact that his company allegedly doesn't have any black employees.

Some took issue with the fact that he posted the screenshot at all, suggesting he thought his donation would be well-received.

Because 2020, people took to Wikipedia to make their points.

Despite many detractors, there were some people pointed out that the size of his contribution really shouldn't be the focal point of discussion given what America is currently going through.

Since the death of George Lloyd at the hands of the police a week ago, protests have erupted across the US and spread across the world.

Meanwhile many are showing their support in the form of monetary donations to organisations which are helping the cause.

Before posting the screenshot in question, Abloh also posted a screenshot of a Google Doc listing a number of organisations which are supporting protesters, so we can't be sure he didn't donate to more than one.

All donations are always welcome. If you would like to support protesters risking their lives across the world to oppose police brutality, you can do so by supporting the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Bail Project or the official George Floyd memorial fund.

The Black Lives Matter website also lists a number of other ways to show support.

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