Louise Mensch told an Asian woman that she isn’t a person of colour

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 10 January 2017 16:15
(Picture: Carl Court/Getty and Twitter)

On Monday Hacked Off campaigners gathered outside the Department for Culture Media and Sport to protest the government consultation on section 40 of the Levenson Inquiry.

Section 40, recommended by the inquiry, would compel media organisations to sign up to a recognised regulator.

Those media outlets that opt out of signing up to the regulator would “generally have to pay the costs for both sides in libel or privacy claims, whatever the outcome of the case”.

On Monday evening, former Conservative MP Louise Mensch tweeted the following about the protest:

Mensch claimed that there were no people of colour at the event.

Twitter user Hannah Mian begged to differ. She was at the event, and she is a person of colour:

However, not satisfied, Mensch then tweeted a photograph she found of Mian with the caption 'No Hannah, no you are not'.

Except Hannah really is a POC, and followed up with picture of her wearing a sari:

People on Twitter quickly sprung into action, in case Mensch had any further doubts:

And pointed out the irony of Mensch, who is not a POC, deciding who is, and who is not:

It makes one wonder who Mensch considers to be a person of colour...

Hannah Mian declined to comment on the exchange at this time.

Indy100 contacted a representative of Louise Mensch's requesting a comment on the exchange but have not yet received a response..

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