41-year-old woman who stunned the internet with her impossibly youthful looks reveals her secrets

Lure Hsu/Instagram

Lure Hsu is from Taiwan, is an interior designer and internet star that rose to fame thanks to her youthful appearance... She's 41.

In 2015 her sister Sharon, 35 and an actress, invited her to attend an entertainment show.

Her fans were shocked to find out Lure's real age, which at the time was 40.

Lure will shortly be celebrating her 42nd birthday, a fact which astonishes many on social media - of which her following has grown exponentially since her 'discovery'.

During an interview with Friday magazine Lure said the secret to her youthful were moisturising and sunscreen:

Moisturizing is so important - in fact, ageing, fine lines and other skin problems moisturising can reduce.

In addition, to keep skin healthy the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it - especially in the summer.

Although the sun is not big, you should still use sunscreen as sunned skin is drier and make small spots and small fine lines easier to appear.

So I think everything is simply moisturizing well and not over-exposing yourself to sun.

She also advises a cup of black coffee every morning, few sugary drinks, less greasy food and lots of fruit and vegetables alongside a lot of water.

She advised less meat and more high fibre, high protein foods, as well as exercise.

So basically, everything doctors usually advise.

Makes sense.

Her following on both Facebook and Instagram is substantial, over 340,000 and 250,000 people respectively.

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