Sheffield's ex-lord mayor who banned 'wasteman' Trump from city elected as MEP

Sheffield's ex-lord mayor who banned 'wasteman' Trump from city elected as MEP
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From calling Donald Trump a “wasteman” to becoming Sheffield’s youngest mayor, there are lots of reasons to love "Magic Magid".

The Green Party councillor who moved to Britain from an embattled Somalia when he was five became a member of the European Parliament last night.

And as we’ve come to expect, he did it in style.

“We did it. Today is about a Green Wave cascading through Europe & landing on the shores of Yorkshire for the first time. We’re just getting started,” he wrote on Twitter…

…while posing candidly with what appears to be a milkshake.

Magid Magid, 29, was one of seven Green MEPs to be elected after he stepped down as mayor last month.

In a night dominated by the 2016 referendum, where both the Brexit Party and pro-People's Vote parties swept the board, someone made this great point:

While the Brexit Party won the largest share of the vote in Sheffield, the Greens and Lib Dems appeared to split the Remain vote.

Needless to say, people were delighted.

While many were loving the milkshake...

...Others saw a bit of a disconnect.

But while many people saw the "Green wave" as a sign that climate breakdown was reaching the top of the national agenda, this was quite possibly the hottest take on Magid's election.

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