Man arrested after assaulting and ‘smearing poo’ on police officers

A man has been jailed after he attacked five police officers and smeared poo on two of them.

Garry Carpenter, aged 41, was sentenced to a year in prison for assaulting police officers in what Plymouth magistrates called “particularly nasty” offences.

The attacks took place on 18 July, the court heard. He kicked and punched officers to the faces, heads and groins.

Carpenter was then arrested and defecated in his cell, before smearing the mess over the bare hands and forearms of two officers, the magistrates were told.

Carpenter, admitted five offences of assaulting police officers as emergency workers. He also pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a police van and holding cell by spitting during the same incident.

The magistrates said in court records: “The offences are so serious because all assaults were deliberate with punches to head and face, kicking to the groin and particularly nasty were the offences where you deliberately smeared faeces on the police officers, where some of it touched the skin of forearms and hands.”

Carpenter was ordered to pay £100 compensation to each of his five victims. He must also pay £140 compensation for the damage to the cell. The spit will have been cleared up by a specialist cleaner.

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