Man offers to drive people offended by 'Western Christian' Christmas to the airport. It backfires
Picture: Anish Patel/Twitter

There are three weeks to go before Christmas, and many people are thoroughly entrenched in buying trees, presents and Secret Santa gifts.

It's a stressful time.

On Sunday, well-wishing citizen, Anish Patel, took it upon himself to issue a pre-Christmas warning on Twitter, for anyone who might be offended by the idea of the ‘Western Christian’ celebration:

I know this is early, Merry Christmas to all.

We are a western Christian country.

If this country loses its identity the rest is meaningless.

And if people are offended by Christmas, I will personally drive them to the airport myself.

Picture: Anish Patel/Twitter 

Surprisingly, some people were offended.

Picture: Anish Patel/Twitter

So offended, in fact, they eagerly took him up on his offer: people were travelling from Heathrow, Luton, and Stansted Airports:

Picture: Anish Patel/Twitter

It appears Anish was unable to keep up with the demand, and made his Twitter account private.

Which is a shame.

However, if you hate Christmas but love travelling, maybe it's a great time for a holiday?

With racial and religious intolerance so high, someone else might just offer a free ride to the airport.

HT Bethany Black/Twitter

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