Do you ever wake up in the morning and think: why isn’t there more culture for straight white guys?

No? Not just us, then.

Though, bizarrely, this is a hill one man was more than willing to die on. One brave man decided to take on streaming giant Hulu, complaining that it doesn’t have a dedicated section for straight white men.

No, we’re not making this up. We promise.

The man, named Logan, made the complaint on Facebook, in full view of other humans with functioning brains and fingers to type with.

The post begins:

Hey Hulu, There's a Black section on your website. There's a Latino section on your website. There's also an LGBTQ section. I was curious if you are racist/discriminate or if your company was progressive and would be including a straight white male section in an attempt not to alienate your largest viewing demographic. Or is our silent-suffering and lack of whining not enough to convince you?

He then goes on to list various stats in an attempt to back up his point.

Thankfully, his views didn’t go unchallenged, and the hilarious responses renewed our faith in humanity.

H/T: Someecards

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