An Australian man has become so constipated that he lost all feeling in his legs. Yes, you read that right.

A 53-year-old escorted himself to the emergency room after suffering from stomach pains for a number of days, as well as swelling and nausea. He was also experiencing pain in one of his legs, and had been unable to move it for 24 hours. Shockingly, the leg was cold to touch.

After his medical history revealed no past drug use or other significant health issues, it was found that, to put it simply, he just really needed a "number two".

An examination of his rectal region revealed that the man had impacted stools, which basically means a build up of poo. A scan revealed the fecal matter had disrupted his intestines and was even putting pressure on his arteries. This was found to be the cause of the pain in his leg and the loss of movement.

He was quickly taken to surgery right away to remove the “backlog” of poo. According to the official report, two litres of faeces were removed. It took him another 13 days before he was able to walk again.

So if you think your week has gone badly, spare a thought for this man.

Originally sourced: IFL Science

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