People can't stop watching this man dropping a £30,000 bottle of champagne in a club

If you've watched an episode of Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex or Jersey Shore, you've probably seen someone carrying one of those huge bottles of champagne.

You know the ones we are talking about. The size is called 'jeroboam', and contains around three litres of bubbly, usually cost quite a lot of money.

Considering that they are quite heavy it's astonishing that we haven't seen footage of anyone dropping one of the bottles. Until now, that is.

In a video originally uploaded to the Facebook page Ibiza Club News, a smartly dressed man can be seen struggling to open the huge bottle before everything goes south. Literally.

As he wrestles with the cork, the bottle slips free of his grasp and drenches him and those watching in very expensive alcohol.

To make things worse, there appeared to be lots of people filming the moment on their phones.

According to the Daily Mail, a bottle of that size is said to be worth £30,000, making it a very expensive drink to drop so clumsily.

Plus, his snazzy suit got ruined in the process, so that's either a pricey dry cleaning bill he's looking at or a complete write off altogether.

This writer has dropped a fair few drinks in their time (although none worth this much) so he has my sympathy.

HT Metro

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