Man installs camera in shoe to take 'upskirting' photos - gets injured when battery explodes

The man installed a camera in his shoe to make upskirting videos
The man installed a camera in his shoe to make upskirting videos
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A man in Wisconsin had his creepy 'upskirting' plan foiled when his shoe camera exploded, injuring his foot.

In an act of what can only be described as karmic justice, the 32-year-old installed a camera device in his shoe with the express purpose to see up women's skirts.

Wisconsin police say that the man turned himself in, but he was not charged because he hadn't taken any illicit images or videos before the camera's battery exploded in his shoe. He was later treated for minor burns, according to local reports.

The unusual incident was published in a blog post and Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said the man had been 'counselled on his actions' before being released.

Mr Koval went on to say:

He said he had purchased a show camera that he intended to use to take upskirt videos of females, but the camera battery exploded prior to obtaining any video.

Karma 1-0 creepy guy.

As of 2015, upskirting - the act of secretly filming or photographing someone under their clothing without permission - was signed into law as a criminal offence in the state of Wisconsin and it carries a maximum sentence of three and a half years in prison.

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