Man scoops top lottery prize thanks to unorthodox ticket technique

Man scoops top lottery prize thanks to unorthodox ticket technique

Man scoops top lottery prize thanks to unorthodox ticket technique

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A man from South Carolina has divulged the unorthodox lottery ticket technique that resulted in him winning the $300,000 grand prize.

The winner from Bluffton, South Carolina doesn't have a routine lotto game but instead, he revealed to the South Carolina Educational Lottery’s website that he picks "whatever ticket is sticking out the furthest”.

So the man bought the winning ticket during a trip to a petrol station after it just so happened to be sticking out for him to pick it - the precise ticket being the $10 “Stacks of Cash” scratch-off game.

In his mind, the man noted how he had a good feeling before scratching out the numbers and he would be correct as he “abruptly stopped” scratching the card when he noticed he won the large amount of winnings.

(That's a 1 in 900,000 chance of winning, according to the odds as per South Carolina Education Lottery).

“I couldn’t believe it,” the winner recalled to South Carolina Education Lottery, and this was very much the case as he had to go home and take the day off in order for the good fortune to sink in.

With a significant win like this, how will the winner splash the cash?

According to the South Carolina Education Lottery, the man has used the winnings to pay off his debts and now is debt-free as a result.

It was back in December last year that the “Stacks of Cash” game was released, with three out of the six $300,000 being claimed thus far, with 14 $10,000 prizes remaining too.

There are also thousands of prizes that range in total anywhere from $10 to $1,000.

Money raised by the lottery is split in various ways, with a quarter going towards various educational programs within South Carolina while the rest goes towards prizes, retailer commissions, along with operating costs.

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