Man bitten on his genitals by a snake hiding in his toilet

Man bitten on his genitals by a snake hiding in his toilet
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A man in Austria got a rather unpleasant and painful surprise on Monday when he was bitten on his genitals by a snake that was lurking in his toilet.

According to the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, the incident occurred in the 65-year-old man’s home in Graz, a city in southern Austria at around 6 am, which is definitely the last thing you want happening to yourself first thing in the morning.

When investigating what had caused him the pain, the man discovered a 5-foot long albino python staring back at him which had apparently escaped from a nearby neighbour who just happened to be a reptile enthusiast, who owns 11 snakes and a gecko.

Police said that they couldn’t be certain how the snake had escaped the neighbours home but believed that it “possibly entered the toilet via the sewer system.”

Fortunately for the man, despite going to a hospital, he was only treated for minor injuries. The police added in their statement: “Shortly after he sat on the toilet the Graz resident – by his own account – felt a ‘pinch’ in the area of his genitals.”

Police in Graz called in reptile expert Werner Stangl to help remove the snake and despite some resistance from the animal it was rescued, cleaned and eventually returned home. However, the owner could potentially face negligent assault charges.

The reticulated python is native to Asia and are the world’s largest snake but do not commonly attack humans unless provoked or mistaken for food. Pythons are also not venomous, which the unnamed Austrian man will be happy to hear. They instead opt to kill their prey with constriction.

This is hardly the first time a snake has been discovered in a toilet this year. A ten-foot snake was recovered from a toilet in Malaysia after it had also given someone a bite on the bottom.

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