Man so impressed with toilet he had to video it for the world to see

Jason Godfrey was so enamoured with a toilet he stumbled upon at a service station he just had to video it and upload it online.

To be fair to him, it is a highly impressive toilet, particularly for a service station.

It's too ridiculous... I never make videos, really, and post them. But I had to make a video about this... and it's about a toilet. ( shrugs shoulders )

I can't capture the smell in here, but it's super-menthol in here, it's awesome!

This toilet is better than my room, it's better than my entire apartment actually.

Godfrey, a male model and TV host, uploaded it to his Facebook page earlier this month, but the wonders of this service station toilet have only just gained wider recognition on the internet.

Although the amount of times he name-drops Shell into the video (seven times) we do wonder if he some kind of toilet-promotion deal going on...

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