Man tries every way except the obvious one to free his little boy's trapped head

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They say "Kids do the funniest things" and this includes getting their head stuck between metal construction bars.

Usually the best way to prise a infants body part from such a predicament is to use some form of lubrication, like butter.

At least that's what the cartoons say.

Sadly for Rodrigo Gardine of Brazil, there didn't appear to be any butter around when his son, Arthur, got his head stuck between some poles.

Rodrigo and family members spent two hours trying to free the toddler but to no avail.

They tried to pull the bars apart and even lifted up young Arthur but nothing was working.

Eventually, an embarrassed Rodrigo figured out the solution to the problem which was to simply turn the child sideways and slide him out, which was presumably the way he got in there.


The video, which was captured in April has since gone viral online but hasn't stopped Rodrigo from still feeling some semblance of shame.

He is quoted by The Daily Mail as saying:

Arthur hadn't entered head first through the bars at all.

We had been tackling the problem completely the wrong way.

All we had to do was take him out the same way he had gone in.

And that meant turning Arthur sideways by the shoulders and slipping him through the bars.

It was so basic I'm ashamed to say it took so long, but relieved my son was unharmed.

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