Man's plan for romantic proposal goes horribly, horribly wrong

Bryony Clarke@IndyVoices
Monday 06 March 2017 13:30
Darrell surprises his girlfriend by proposing mid-flight then immediately throwing up(Nana Kazuki/YouTube)

Darrell Hamilton thought he had the perfect proposal mapped out.

He booked a scenic private flight over Reedley, in central California, so he could pop the question mid-air to his girlfriend Rheanna Faye.

The video journalist had positioned a sign saying “Marry me?” in his cousin’s garden for them to fly over.

He even arranged video cameras to capture this precious moment for the couple to watch back together.

However, the romantic proposal of every girl’s dreams didn’t quite go according to plan.

As the plane soared over the sun-drenched Californian valley, motion sickness unfortunately got the better of Darrell.

Looking distinctly green, he taps Rheanna on the arm.

With the ring in his hand, he just about manages the words...

Will you marry me?

...before lunging forwards and vomiting copiously on the floor between them.

His bemused girlfriend could only rub his back while he tried to recover himself.

Despite the romance of the moment being somewhat lost, Rheanna said yes. She stopped short, however, of giving him a vomit-flavoured smooch, opting to blow a kiss instead.

Darrell was clearly able to see the funny side, writing on YouTube:

I just thought I’d share a priceless memory from the day my girlfriend and I got engaged. But I ended up throwing up immediately after giving her the ring.

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