Marianne Williamson's old tweets have gone viral following her performance at the Democrat debates

Marianne Willamson became the unlikely star of the second night of the Democratic debates thanks to her bizarre speeches aimed at Donald Trump and the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

The self-help author and 'spiritual advisor' arguably become the most popular candidate due to her unusual way of speaking and surreal vibes, which included threatening to defeat Trump by 'harnessing love'.

Whether she will go any further in this race remains to be seen, but it's fair to say that in just a short amount of time she has become easily the strangest and most memeable of the candidates that are running.

However, it would appear that we have all been sleeping on her divine intellect and way with words. Williamson has been a member of Twitter since February 2009 and has been dropping some truly unbelievable and mind-bending tweets in the ten years since then.

Following her performance on Thursday night, many of these tweets have gone viral because, let's be honest, they are just so funny. Here is a selection of some of her finest efforts in that time.

'Each of us is pregnant with a better version of ourselves.'

'James Cameron deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for Avatar.'

'The universe literally loves you.'

'You're a lamp, God is the electricity.'

'When you are missing someone, know it just means that on a soul level they've come to visit.'

We could honestly go on for hours as nearly all of her 16,000 + tweets are out of this world, and so here are a few more for you to appreciate.

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