Video of Marianne Williamson talking about Trump's presidency goes viral for being 'heartbreakingly true’

Video of Marianne Williamson talking about Trump's presidency goes viral for being 'heartbreakingly true’

Remember the Democratic primaries?

Yes, it seems like many moons ago now, but in the early days of the race to become the Democratic nominee for president, a wildcard contender entered the race.

Marianne Williamson didn’t get anywhere near winning but she certainly made a splash with her plain speaking and unorthodox background.

Before entering the race, Williamson was known as an activist, but also for being Oprah’s “spiritual advisor”.

She once proclaimed herself a “bitch for God” and holds progressive views, although she doesn’t identify as a socialist.

But despite her unusual track record, many people think Willliamson can often talk a lot of sense.

Which is why a new video of her breaking down exactly what circumstances produced Donald Trump is going viral.

Reposted by Williamson herself on election day, the footage was originally filmed when she stopped by at the University of New Hampshire during her campaign to be Democratic nominee.

But her words are now striking a chord with social media users and the clip is going viral.

In the video, she says that Donald Trump “didn’t create all [America’s] problems.

“These problems created Donald Trump.”

Williamson goes onto talk about the impact of late-stage capitalism, saying:

As soon as we bought into the notion that the US businessman is somehow God, why should we be surprised that this perverted twisted form of one would appear in our midst? That's a false god, man. 

There's the thing about idols, they fall every time. It's such idolatry, short-term profits for huge multinational corporations as our bottom line. 

No, no, no, no, no, democracy is supposed to be our bottom line. Being good people are supposed to be our bottom line. 

It's not that the American people don't care about being good. That's not my experience of the American people at all. But what has happened over the last few decades. 

And as an older woman, I want to say to you this, you might not believe me, but I want you to know, it wasn't always like this. 

Now, I'm not saying it was perfect. I'm not romanticising what was happening before. I'm not saying we ever had it perfect that American capitalism was ever perfect that the American government, but you know what there was, there was a social consensus that at least we were supposed to try.

You see, you might not believe it, kids. But you know that there was actually a time when the American Corporation was actually expected to care. 

She goes on to slam the “trickle down economics” philosophy of the 1980s, saying that suddenly the “only thing the corporation owed was fiduciary responsibility to its own stockholders, [businesses were] unfettered by ethical or moral consideration or government regulation”.

According to Williamson, people accepted this because they thought the “stockholder and CEO class” would make money and jobs that would then trickle down to those below.

But she says this has failed, finishing by commenting that:

After 40 years. I think the jury is in on whether or not that worked. 

It has not lifted all boats. It has left millions and millions of people without even a life vest.

Social media users are sharing the speech and praising Williamson’s words. 

They said that Williamson just “gets it”.

Her monologue received plaudits for its persuasiveness.

And was deemed "heartbreakingly true".

Even people who weren’t acquainted with her were impressed.

Some even called for another presidential run.

Williamson 2024…?

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