Pro-Trump congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once claimed Hillary Clinton sacrificed and ate a baby

Pro-Trump congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once claimed Hillary Clinton sacrificed and ate a baby
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Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed a bizarre and unfounded conspiracy theory claiming that Hillary Clinton has engaged in child sacrifice.

“Frazzeldrip”, as it’s sometimes known, posits that Clinton was filmed murdering a child during a satanic ritual and ordered the death of a police officer to cover it up. The conspiracy theory is connected to both QAnon and Pizzagate and so called because its proponents believe that this was the file name of the video when it was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Weiner is the ex-husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former aide, who is also connected to the conspiracy theory. It goes on to claim – and this is particularly graphic – that Clinton and Abedin drank the child’s blood and wore its severed face as a mask in the video.

This is, of course, completely false: there is no evidence to support it and the story originated on a website dedicated to such conspiracy theories.

It was summarised in a comment on Greene’s Facebook page, uncovered by the nonprofit media watchdog site Media Matters. A user posted:

“This is the mother of a NYPD officer who watched a horrific video seized on Anthony Weiner’s laptop of Huma and Hillary filleting a child’s face. This was another Hillary hit.”

Greene appears to have liked the comment and reply:

“Yes. I post things sometimes to see who knows things. Most people don’t. I’m glad to see your comment. I’ve decided it’s time to start doing a lot more videos and engage further in the fight. Most people honestly don’t know so much. The MSM [mainstream media] disinformation warfare has won for too long!”

In the same year, 2018, Greene also reportedly liked a meme that stated:

“What if I told you Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama and their Democrat friends can’t have Trump repeal DACA [protection for immigrant children in the US] as it would show DACA was used by them for human trafficking, pedophibilia in high places and organ harvesting!”

The claims are particularly connected to QAnon, whose followers recently learnt the hard way that Trump is not, in fact, the all-powerful head of a resistance against pedophilia in the US government.

Greene’s election to congress was controversial: she had previously praised QAnon as being the world of a “patriot worth listening to” and made racist and Islamaphobic comments. She also indicated support for the execution of leading Democrats and described school shootings as “false flags”.  

Since joining congress, she has been ridiculed for filing an article of impeachment against Biden on his first day and wearing a mask reading “censored” while speaking in the chamber on live TV.

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