Marjorie Taylor Greene accused of lying over bizarre claim she was ‘allowed’ to believe things that weren’t true

Controversial congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been in the spotlight a lot this week – but not without good reason.

Greene is best known as one of the US’ most fervent and ardent conspiracy theory endorsing politicians. Greene has previously questioned whether a plane did strike the Pentagon during 9/11, blamed a Jewish people for forest fires in California and has alleged school shootings were staged as well as the notorious QAnon theory (something that she has attempted to distance herself from). She has also been accused of inciting violence against Democrats, particularly for her supposed role in the insurrection on 6th January.

Earlier this week, Greene was assigned to the House Budget and Education committees – but Democrats pushed back, pointing out that Greene had continuously spread misinformation, even as recently as 2020.  As Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives, 11 Republicans backed Greene’s expulsion from these committees, which was unusual.

Greene spoke on the House Floor ahead of the vote to expel her from the committees, saying that she was “allowed to believe things that weren’t true,” and that she now regrets it. However, Greene’s use of the passive voice – as well as the fact that she didn’t address more recent concerns, such as her claims that Trump won the election – made her an object of mockery.

Some pointed out that it was obvious Greene and people who had her views still see themselves as victims in some way. 

Others pointed out that Greene’s comments weren’t just harmless conspiracy theorising – she has openly called for the assassination of Democratic politicians, some of whom are technically her colleagues. 

She’s also continued to tweet incendiary remarks about Black Lives Matter and other organisations.

While Greene has apologised on the House Floor, or whether she stands by some of her previous actions (such as harassing Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on the street in a now-viral video).

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