Man pretends to take selfie with Marjorie Taylor Greene then tells her ‘you are a joke’

Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t been a member of Congress for very long but she has already made a name for herself thanks to her controversial politics and belief in conspiracy theories such as QAnon.

Greene was elected to the House of Representatives in November’s election from Georgia’s 14th district but had previously made headlines by attempting to get Muslim members of Congress to swear an oath on a Bible, amongst other incidents. 

Due to the controversies surrounding her and her allegiance to Trump (she has been one of a handful of elected Republicans who is claiming that Trump won the election), Greene has attracted a lot more attention than most first time congresswomen especially from those who want to mock her.

This brings us to Twitter user Noah Mitchell who shared a video on Twitter on Tuesday of him and Greene together. It appears that Greene initially thought that Mitchell was about to take a selfie with her, but his camera was actually set to video.

Mitchell then tells Greene: “You are a joke, have a good one. I’m looking forward to [Jon] Ossof winning,” a clear nod at Georgia run-off elections.

Greene is then ushered away by her aides but she fires back with “try appreciating America.” Mitchell confirms that he “does appreciate America” before politely repeating “have a good one”.

The 10-second clip has already been viewed more than 1.6 million times and it's safe to say that people find it very amusing.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, Greene didn’t see the funny side and has since reportedly blocked him on Twitter.

Speaking to indy100, Mitchell explained how the whole thing happened. “I was actually on the phone with one of my friends who was working on the Ossoff campaign, while I was walking home. While on the Capitol Complex, I saw Greene, hung up on my friend, and made the video impulsively. If I had more time to think, I would’ve asked a question about public policy or maybe the election, but I didn’t.”

He added that he didn’t mind Greene blocking him from her account, but did say “ I would have more of an issue if she blocked me from her official account, but I think her staff knows better than to allow that.”

This type of prank is not uncommon, especially when American conservatives are on the receiving end. Back in 2017, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was asked “how does it feel to be a racist piece of s**t?” in a similar selfie prank.

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