Marjorie Taylor Greene got suspended from Twitter for a week for anti-vax disinformation — now people are demanding she’s booted forever

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a right-wing conspiracy theorist and supporter of QAnon-aligned theories, has been suspended from Twitter for a week due to repeatedly sharing disinformation regarding Covid vaccines.

A spokesperson for Twitter told NBC that Greene’s most recent tweet “was labeled in line with our COVID-19 misleading information policy,” meaning the politician’s account “will be in read-only mode for a week due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.” A “seven day lock” is customarily enacted after a Twitter user’s fourth disinformation strike on the platform.

Greene’s offending tweet said that the “FDA should not approve the covid vaccines,” falsely claiming that “there are too many reports of infection & spread of #Covid19 among vaccinated people.” Greene also incorrectly stated that the vaccines were “failing,” “do not reduce the spreed of the virus,” and that masks do not, either. Finally, Greene wrote that “vaccine mandates & passports violate individual freedoms.”

Twitter labeled the aforementioned as “misleading,” providing a link to reputable vaccine information to “learn what health officials say about preventative measures and Covid-19” instead. The social platform has also disabled shares, likes and replies on the tweet.

This isn’t the first time the controversial conservative had her Twitter rights revoked. In July, Greene’s account was suspended for 12 hours when she tweeted about “vax-related deaths” and “many concerning side effects.”

Should Greene violate Twitter’s disinformation policy a fifth time, she could be banned from the platform completely — which, is apparently, exactly what most of Twitter would like.

Upon hearing the news of Greene’s most recent suspension, dozens of Twitter users took to the app to call for the Georgia Republican to make the temporary ban permanent.

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