Donald Trump today attempted to normalise foreign interference in US elections.

The US president told ABC that if a foreign power offered him dirt on a political opponent in the 2020 election campaign, he would take it, saying:

There's nothing wrong with listening...I think I'd take it

When told FBI chief Christopher Wray says such information should be handed over to the bureau, Mr Trump, who was looking particularly orange at the time, said flatly:

The FBI director is wrong.

Mark Hamill was on hand with a quick history lesson, offered with the sage-like wisdom we've come to expect from the man who played Luke Skywalker.

While comparing Trump's presidential demeanour to leaders past is pretty low-hanging fruit at this point, the Star Wars actor wasn't the only one horrified by President Trump's statement.

Or by Hamill's statement.

Others were inevitably on hand with Star Wars-related jokes.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a bit rich for Americans to be holding their noses at the thought of foreign intervention.

At this point, it's almost easier to count the nations whose politics haven't been meddled with by the United States.

That list potentially grows smaller by the day, given Mike Pompeo's recently leaked comments about Jeremy Corbyn.

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