It goes without saying that landing the Super Bowl halftime performance is a massive deal for an artist, and is one that's not to be taken lightly.

This year, however, fans were left somewhat underwhelmed by a performance from the LA pop band Maroon 5, which saw lead singer Adam Levine don a questionable tank top, only to remove it and flash his nipples at an unsuspecting audience.

Despite giving it their all, and even including comets, drones, a marching band and Spongebob Squarepants in the show, it somehow failed to quite strike a chord with the audience, with some branding it a 'lacklustre' performance.

Needless to say, Twitter users were quick to provide their 'hot takes' and jokes.

Some were quick to notice that Levine's tank top held a strange resemblance to... 70s soft furnishings.

Others called out the fact it was fine for Levine to reveal his nipples, however, Janet Jackson got a *lot* of flack for the same thing.

Some Twitter users did enjoy the show...

While some just offered their ermm... critical opinions.

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