New NASA images create stunning 4K video that lets you experience Mars up close
ESA / Getty Images

Incredible high-definition images captured by Nasa's robotic rovers reveal what Mars's landscape looks like up close.

Photos taken on the red planet and rendered in 4K feature craters, deserts, dunes, hills and rocks not unlike those we have here on earth.

The images were taken by three of NASA's Mars rovers: the Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity.

They were then "stitched together" by UK documentary group ElderFox Documentaries, creating the illusion that an ordinary camera is panning across the landscape.

The panoramic views of Mars you can see in the video were created by compiling up to 1,000 individual images.

Nasa's rovers do not typically send video of the planet back to earth, meaning that this artificially-created footage is the "most lifelike experience of being on Mars" we have yet.

Next year a new rover, Perseverance, is set to join Curiosity on the planet, meaning that more stunning images of Mars will be sent to earth.

Spirit and Opportunity are no longer functioning, after getting trapped in a sand dune and by a dust storm.

Perseverance will be accompanied by a helicopter, Ingenuity, that will fly ahead of the rover to ensure it does not meet a similar fate.

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