<p>Phantom the horse</p>

Phantom the horse

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A horse is going viral for – quite simply – being huge.

The seven-year-old horse named Phantom is a whopping eight feet tall and weighs 2000 pounds making him one of the biggest horses in the world.

For context, an average horse is around six feet tall and weighs up to around 1000 pounds.

Speaking in a video about him, Phantom’s handler Courtney Garner said he was certainly one tall animal.

“His personality is very bold. He’s goofy, and loves to have attention,” she said.

“Most people, when they see him, their jaws do tend to drop, and they tend to say, ‘Oh my God. That’s the biggest horse I’ve ever seen.’”

She added that he moves a lot slower than people expect and that she finds it difficult to get up onto the saddle and dismount from the horse as well owing to his height. No surprises there, then.

“He’s actually the biggest horse that I’ve ever ridden,” she said.

Phantom now resides in a Maryland rescue facility after he grew to be too big for his original owners’ housing. He receives a lot of visitors and attention owing to him being massive, the video explained.

We hope he has a great time there, horsing around.

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