The office can be a stressful environment; deadlines to meet, bosses to impress, targets to exceed, it can be difficult to find a way to decompress. Luckily science has the answer... And it's masturbation.

You probably already know that masturbation can boost your mood, what you probably didn’t know if that a surprisingly high percentage of your colleagues could be doing it right now.

In a survey carried out by Time Out New York, 39 per cent of office workers said that they have masturbated in their work loos. It’s pretty scandalous.

Both men and women admitted to pleasuring themselves when times get tough.

One person told Time Out:

If I’m really hungover at work, masturbating helps me feel better

While this woman told it like it is and said:

I am just a horny lady.

It appears these frisky workers could be on to something, as researchers at The University of Michigan say that masturbating increases endorphins and lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol. It can even increase confidence in women.

Mark Sergeant, senior lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, told Metro.co.uk that he thinks that workers should be rewarded with motivational masturbation breaks if they complete their set tasks.

Good luck pitching that idea to your boss.

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