Matador survives after being gored in the bum by raging bull

Matador survives after being gored in the bum by raging bull
Matador gored in the buttocks after stabbing bull

A Spanish matador has miraculously survived after being gored in the bum by a raging bull during a bullfight.

The astonishing and horrifying moment unfolded in the city of Madrid in Spain during the annual Prieto de la Cal.

Matador Alejandro Conquero, who is the son of the famous bullfighter, The Hurricane of Huelva, got in the ring with a white bull and waved a pink cape.

All was going smoothly for the 28-year-old matador until he was caught by one of the bull's horns and was sent up into the air.

But, the terrifying ordeal wasn’t over yet, as the huge bull then aimed its horn at Conquero, goring him in the bum and sending him several feet in the air for a second time.

Luckily, the actions of other matadors saved Conquero from any other attacks as his colleagues were able to distract the raging bull away from him.

Conquero was quickly taken to a nearby hospital where doctors confirmed what video footage had seemed to suggest – that he had suffered, “a goring in the posterior perianal region, which dissects the rectum through the coccyx and could affect the external sphincter of the anus”.

Miraculously, Conquero took to Instagram to let his fans know that, despite everything, he felt absolutely fine.

On his Instagram story, Conquero wrote (translated into English): “I am excited and I give a thousand thanks to those who at this time have thought or have been interested in me.

“The evolution is positive, there is no fever, pain, the normal one but with the hope of being able to dress up soon. Thank you very much.”

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