Most of us haven't actively done maths since we were at school, and - to be honest - would probably struggle with a GCSE paper.

But maths problems for five year olds would be easy? Right, right?...

Well, maybe not.

Twitter user @matigary shared a picture of a test for 'Grade ones' (aged 5-7) in Singapore.

The question, worth four marks, says

Read the question carefully. Write the correct answers in the space given. Marks will be awarded for correct answers. No marks wil be deducted for any wrong answers.

Study the number pattern. Fill in the missing numbers.

It then shows a 'petite circle sum' where the number within the four segments of the outer circle is ual to the sum of the three numbers in its sector.

Picture:Picture: @matigary

A lot of Twitter users claim to have solved it, but didn't show their working or explain how they got their answer.

We have no idea how they got this (we all know no working means fewer marks).

Some Twitter users figured they knew how to solve it because of a typo in the question, saying the 2 should really read as a 20.

Using that, they were able to solve the answer.

Some were saying the photo had been edited (maths sabotage!)

The answer, assuming there is a typo, has been solved (with working!) can be found here by mathematician Gordon Burgin.

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