Over the last few weeks, the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis has come under intense scrutiny.

Aside from the PM, the man who’s come under the most pressure is Heath Secretary Matt Hancock. At Prime Minister’s Questions, Keir Starmer probed Boris Johnson on Hancock’s claim that a “protective ring” had been placed around care homes.

This claim has been rebuked by people who work in the care sector, including the chief executive of Care England, and it is thought that around 40 per cent of Covid-19 deaths have happened in care homes.

As the exchange got heated, newly elected speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle had to step in to stop Hancock from heckling Starmer as the Labour leader questioned the government's response.

The Speaker said:

Heath secretary, I don’t mind you advising the prime minister but you don’t need to advise the leader of the opposition during this. 

Do you want to leave the chamber? We’re on maximum numbers, if you want to make way for someone else I’m more than happy.

On social media, people weren't impressed at the apparent heckling that was still somehow going on in an almost empty chamber. Particularly seeing as Starmer was asking legitimate questions, based on Select Committee evidence.

Could Hancock be feeling rattled?

Looks like it.

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