Disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock appears to have unintentionally become a TikTok star – because that’s the stage of dystopia that we have reached.

Posting on the social media platform, popular among those from generation Z and young millennials, a user named Georgia shared images and videos of her and a group of friends haranguing Hancock, who posed with them for selfies on a platform on the London Underground.

The video says: “So we chased this man thinking it was someone we knew and it turned out to be Matt Hancock. We had a good old chat. We terrorised the poor man.”

The video then jumps to one of the girls wearing his grey cap.

“We stole his hat so thanks for that, Matty boy,” the video adds.

The women talking to Hancock TikTok

Hancock is then filmed on the Tube, surrounded by his new fan club who are clapping and singing: “We love you Matt, we do”.

“The whole Tube was singing, what a vibe you brought us Matt,” the video says, as Hancock puts his head in his hands, looking slightly embarrassed.

On Twitter, people found it hilarious:

Hancock has laid low lately after being forced to resign for breaking social distancing rules by having an affair with his aide. He has since been snapped in Cornwall soaking up the sun and paddling in rock pools - so at least he’s cheering up.

We’re glad he has a good career as an influencer, since politics hasn’t really worked out for him.

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