This video of Matt Hancock practicing parkour is the most awkward thing you'll see today

Matt Hancock has been having a bit of a hard time at the moment.

Not only has he been bashed from pillar to post about the government's highly criticised handling of coronavirus he was almost thrown out of PMQs on Wednesday for heckling Keir Starmer.

Perhaps the health secretary needs some time to unwind with a spot of parkour. Yes, you read that correctly; 'parkour'.

When we think of parkour or 'free-running' we usually get images of young and incredible fit young people jumping between rooftops and doing backflips off bus stops.

We don't think of a 40-something minister trying to leapfrog over bollards but back in July 2018, which feels like a lifetime ago, this was a reality as evidence below.

This video was released just days before Hancock became the health secretary on 9 July of that year. At the time he was still the minister for digital, culture, media and sport so it makes sense that he was trying his hand at parkour but the fact that they only used six seconds of footage would suggest that he wasn't cut out for this type of activity.

It's surprising that this video wasn't bigger at the time but thanks to the wonders of Twitter it has now resurfaced, leaving people completely baffled and speechless.

Inevitably, the video ended up on the 'Accidental Alan Partridge' account and the parallels between the MP and the fictional disc jockey are uncanny.

It also reminded us of the free-running sketches from The Office and Vic and Bob.

Luckily for him it would appear that he hasn't forgotten his parkour training...

Maybe he can run up a wall during his next coronavirus press briefing? It would definitely liven things up a bit.

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