Two girls pulled off the perfect photobomb when they unexpectedly kissed in front of Italy's deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini just as he took a selfie with them.

The students were pretending to be supporters of Salvini's party, Lega Nord, when they attended one of its rallies in Sicily. When Salvini, who was also in attendance, posed for a selfie with them, the two women passionately kissed in the last minute, taking the right-wing politician by surprise.

The photobomb made for a powerful and also slightly uncomfortable picture (at least for Salvini) that soon went viral on social media.

The two women, identified only as Gaia and Matilde, captioned their Instagram picture: "Ciao amico", which translates into "Hello friend". Both claimed they chose to photobomb the controversial politician to protest his attendance at the upcoming World Congress of Families in Verona, which aims to promote traditional family values and has been condemned by many Italian LGBT groups.

Right after the kiss, the pair were apparently pulled apart by a security guard, who put his hand in between the two to separate them.

The picture of the brave duo did not only go viral but also initiated a wave of meme's that replaced the passionate kiss with everything from Italian fresco's to the famous "socialist fraternal kiss".

Salvini, who previously ordered the wording on some official forms to be changed so that same-sex couples cannot both declare themselves as a child’s parents, has since responded to the viral meme. Reposting it on his own Twitter, he wished the "sisters" "greetings, peace and wellness".


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