Count Binface says he is ‘more qualified’ than London Mayor opponents

Count Binface has announced he is running for London Mayor
Count Binface has announced he is running for London Mayor

Count Binface has claimed he is “more qualified” than his opponents after he released his manifesto for London

The self-proclaimed interplanetary space warrior, who challenged Boris Johnson in the 2019 general election, said that he is aiming for “victory” in the mayoral race.

The count, played by comedian Jon Harvey, 41, released his manifesto on Wednesday, which includes plans to rename London Bridge as Phoebe Waller Bridge and have London join the EU.

“I took a look at the other candidates and thought that this looks like a rubbish election. So, seeing as rubbish is manna from heaven for me, I’m loving it,” the count told the PA news agency.

“It’s my first mayoral election on your planet, but I’ve dabbled in city politics back home on the Sigma Quadrant. Which makes me more qualified than almost all of my opponents, who are a right old bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix, aren’t they?”

To help with his campaign, Count Binface set up a GoFundMe page in January 2020, and asked “supporters of relatively sensible politics” to chip in.

He has promised that any money that exceeds his targets will be donated to the charity Shelter, to help combat homelessness in London.

“I’m the only candidate who is offering something for everyone, whether it’s renaming London Bridge after Phoebe Waller, or of course ensuring that no croissant is sold for more than £1.

“These are just obvious policies and it mystifies me that it takes a space warrior to point them out.”

The count said he would most like to be endorsed for London Mayor by former US president Barack Obama.

“Top of my list at the moment are probably Ian McShane, Barack Obama, Emily Maitlis and Chris Rea,” he told PA.


As well as registered parties, several candidates are running in the mayoral election independently, including two YouTubers, Max Fosh and Niko Omilana.

The count said he is aiming for “victory” in the election, but said he cannot win.

“No,” he told PA when asked if he can win the election.

“That’s why Londoners can freely give me their first choice vote, and then choose to either vote for or against Sadiq Khan with their second choice.

“Only my first choice votes will get counted, so that way, together we will make a mark for intergalactic politics!”

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