McCain 'doesn’t want Trump at his funeral’ – and the internet loves him for it

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Despite enduring a lengthy battle with brain cancer, Senator John McCain has found the strength on numerous occasions to slate President Trump.

The Vietnam War veteran has previously described America’s current political climate as driven by “spurious, half-baked nationalism”.

Last year, he also delivered a surprise blow to Republican colleagues by blocking a proposed Obamacare repeal, despite having stated on numerous occasions he would vote in its favour.

It should, then, come as no surprise that he reportedly doesn’t want Trump at his funeral.

The New York Timesyesterday revealed that aides close to McCain had made the claim – instead, he wants Vice President Mike Pence. In another surprise twist, former (Democratic) President Obama is expected to deliver a eulogy.

Naturally, social media users stated their approval.

McCain is being hailed as a hero by many for continuing to rally against the President.

His decision to reportedly refuse entry to Trump sends the powerful statement that the President's leadership is raising eyebrows even within his own party.

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